Maths KS3: Volume

Sanjeev Kohli needs to put items into storage and so needs to calculate the volume.

Together with a removal expert, Gavin Deanville, he measures several items and calculates the volume of each.

Features calculations of the volume of a cuboid and a cylinder.

This clip is from the series Who Needs Maths?

Teacher Notes

This clip could be used as a lesson in practical volume calculations.

The presenter's working could be checked.

Students could then be challenged to use the cylinder formula where the radius is given and where the diameter is given.

Grocery cans containing liquid could be measured._

The calculated volume could then be compared with the stated capacity on the can.

Discuss the connection between volume and capacity. Students could also calculate the volume of other 3D prism shapes.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching maths at Key Stage 3 and Third/Fourth Level in Scotland.