Maths KS3: Measurement

Sanjeev Kohli has bought a new outfit but the trousers and jacket don't fit.

He visits Elle Wilson, a seamstress, for alterations and finds that measurements are vital to the process.

He then commissions a hat to be made by a milliner, Pea Cooper.

This involves measurement and working out the circumference of a circle.

The milliner calculates the time she needs to make the hat because this will affect the price she charges.

This clip is from the BBC series Who Needs Maths?

Teacher Notes

This could encourage a general discussion about the importance of accurate measurement.

Ask the students to practice calculating the circumference, radius and diameter of a circle.

Students could do their own measuring of objects around the classroom or school, then work out the maths to alter them to a different size, either bigger or smaller.

For example, they could measure a playground bench, then calculate how much would need to be sawn off to get it through a classroom door, or how big the classroom and furniture would have to be if all the students grew or shrank by a certain amount.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching maths at Key Stage 3 and Third/Fourth Level in Scotland.