A group of friends sharing a meal is used to explain fractions, by looking at who ate the most pizza, what fraction of them had fries with their meal and how much cheesecake is left to be shared.

A group of friends demonstrate how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions in order to share a meal. When working out how much pizza and chips they have eaten, and how much cheesecake there is to share, they calculate how to cancel a fraction down to it's simplest terms, and convert mixed number fractions into top heavy fractions.The clip covers the 4 rules of add/subtract multiply and divide with fractions, making it a good resource to either introduce or revise the topic.

Teacher Notes

The video can be used in the classroom to introduce or reinforce the basic rules of fractions, with learners organized in groups to investigate fractions in ratios, recipes ect. A variety of fractions are used in the NHS, business, industry and so on. Students can investigate and form questions based on the skills learnt in the video and beyond. Based on viewing the video, learners in groups to design questions and then approach other groups where they solve questions. Students can further level the questions and assess their knowledge of fractions.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching Maths at KS4/GCSE level in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and National 4/5 in Scotland.