Maths KS3: Area

Sanjeev Kohli sets out to refurbish a friend’s bathroom.

A tiler shows how they need to calculate the area of the wall to be tiled, and then divide this by the area of each tile to work out how many tiles need to be bought.

The tiler then adds 10% for wastage and breakage, just to be sure.

This clip is from the BBC series Who Needs Maths?

Teacher Notes

This could be used as a functional maths example during a topic on areas of quadrilaterals.

Pupils can fill in their own bathroom designs from a template, and work out the area they are going to tile, and the number of tiles that they will need.

For extension, they could have different tile designs costing different amounts.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching maths at Key Stage 3 and Third/Fourth Level in Scotland.