Maths KS1: Titch and Ted Do Maths: Measurements

Titch and Ted get jobs in a restaurant and undergo a series of mishaps, learning about measurements on the job.

They recap the key learning of measures, money, time, weight/mass, volume and capacity, length/distance, temperature and problem solving.

Instructed by Mr Pie, the new employees have to clean the floor in time for their first customer's arrival - Dotty, who Mr Pie is (not so) secretly in love with.

While cooking the soup, Titch teaches Ted the difference between half full and full. Dotty loves the soup and celebrates in song.

For her main course, Dotty requests a pizza. Titch tells Ted how to use the recipe, but Ted decides to ignore it and burns the pizza.

At the end of the meal, the bill comes to £9.50. Titch teaches Ted about change. But Ted gets carried away and ends up giving Dotty back all of her money, much to Mr Pie's dismay. Luckily, Dotty is so happy with the service that she tips them the full meal amount anyway.

Suitable for: Teaching Maths at KS1, particularly measures, time, weight/mass and mathematical skills/problem solving.

Titch and Ted Begin Their Measurement Challenge (pt 1/6)
Titch and Ted Learn to Measure Time (pt 2/6)
Titch and Ted Learn to Read Measurements (pt 3/6)
Titch and Ted Learn About Mass and Volume (pt 4/6)
Titch and Ted Learn About Money and Distance (pt 5/6)
Titch and Ted Measurements Summary (pt 6/6)