Maths KS1: The number 7

Rodd’s Auntie has had to use his washing machine and hangs up her seven pairs of bloomers on a washing line.

Each pair is a colour of the rainbow, and Auntie has hung her bloomers in rainbow order.

Using the weekly planner on Rodd’s wall, Auntie explains that she has a different pair of bloomers for each day of the week, and counts to check.

The children can help Auntie find the numeral, remember the Snow White story, play a seven dressing game, and count the colours of a rainbow.

They can sing about seven and draw the numeral in the air.

This is from the series: Counting with Rodd Counting with Rodd 1

Teacher Notes

Write the names of the days of the week across the length of the back of a roll of wallpaper.

Underneath each day, ask children to paint, in order, a circle in the colours of the rainbow, i.e. starting with ‘red’ under ‘Monday’.

Keep the wallpaper on the floor for one week.

On each day, ask children to put seven objects or drawings in that day’s circle that are the same colour as the circle.

On Friday, children can put the items in the circles for Saturday and Sunday.

Ask children to see if they can make a model using only seven pieces from construction sets.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching Maths at KS1 in England, Foundation Phase in Wales and Early and 1st Level in Scotland. Also Foundation and KS1 in Northern Ireland.

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