Maths KS1: The number 2

As Rodd cleans his bike, he discovers it has two wheels, two handlebars, two pedals, two brakes and two lights.

Children can help Rodd identify the numeral two, and think about pairs on their body and move them to music.

Rodd introduces his ‘twin’, a life-size cut-out model of himself.

He invites the children to match and count pairs of items of cycling gear to dress his 'twin'.

Rodd sings the Number 2 song, recapping the concepts explored, and shows how to write the number two in the air.

This is from the series: Counting with Rodd Counting with Rodd 1

Teacher Notes

Students could draw the number 2 on A5-sized pieces of card with a sticky dot on the back.

Students could go on a ‘pair hunt’ and stick the cards on pairs they find, for example pairs of clothing items in the role-play area.

Set up a ‘pairs shop’ selling only pairs of items, for example shoes, socks, gloves, mittens, earrings, elbow, knee and shin pads and so on.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching Maths at KS1 in England, Foundation Phase in Wales and Early and 1st Level in Scotland. Also Foundation and KS1 in Northern Ireland.

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