Maths KS1: The number 10

Rodd’s Auntie leaves him some clues to help him think about the number ten.

In his flat she leaves ten skittles and a ball, a pair of socks with ten toes, and ten green bottles, lined up.

Children can help Rodd find the numeral and do ‘ten’ exercises.

Rodd does not count the skittles properly, ‘one at a time’, and the children can join in helping him.

They can sing the ten song with him and draw the numeral in the air.

This is from the series: Counting with Rodd Counting with Rodd 1

Teacher Notes

Ask ten children to draw a face on a small piece of card, cut it out, and stick it on top of a plastic skittle, to make ‘ten in a bed’.

Ask the children how many teddies the skittle children would need altogether.

The children can make cardboard teddies and sellotape each one onto a skittle.

Put a small blanket on the floor, with the ‘ten in a bed’ skittles underneath.

Place ten green plastic bottles on the floor and use them for ‘ten bottle’ bowling.

Children can find pictures of crabs and count their legs.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching Maths at KS1 in England, Foundation Phase in Wales and Early and 1st Level in Scotland. Also Foundation and KS1 in Northern Ireland.

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