Maths KS1: The number one

As Rodd paints his picture he realises there is only one sun, an elephant has only one trunk and a giraffe has only one neck.

Rodd invites the children to think about the parts of their body they have only one of, and to move them.

The children then help Rodd find the number one on his number shelf.

Using a large picture of the rhyme 'Hey, diddle, diddle', he challenges the children to think of something the rhyme animals have only one of.

Appearing as a dog with a long tail, Rodd sings the Number 1 song and demonstrates how to write the number in the air.

This is from the series: Counting with Rodd Counting with Rodd 1

Teacher Notes

Students could make a display of items and pictures of objects which only ever have one feature.

Students could make up ‘Rodd riddles’, using the word only, for example ‘I’m thinking of something that only has one spout’.

Students could make small finger puppets of an elephant’s face from card and put their index finger through a hole as a ‘trunk’.

Outside, students could slowly pour water, from a plastic teapot spout or watering can, in the shape of the numeral one.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching Maths at KS1 in England, Foundation Phase in Wales and Early and 1st Level in Scotland. Also Foundation and KS1 in Northern Ireland.

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