Maths KS1: Titch and Ted Learn About Directions (pt 2/6)

Titch is at the beach but her uncle Ted is nowhere to be seen!

He has to find his own way there and that means he will need to use his knowledge of the vocabulary of directions – straight ahead, left and right.

Luckily, Titch is on the phone to help guide him.

This clip is from the series Titch and Ted Do Maths.

Teacher Notes

Teachers could create a map from Ted’s shed to the beach. Children could use small characters to direct one another from the shed to the beach, using the correct vocabulary.

Teachers could set up the classroom to have an image of the shed in one space and the beach in another. Children could direct each other around the class to get from one place to another.

Teachers might use the sweet stall as a starting point for exploring 3D shapes.

Children could explore and sort 3D shapes, talking about their properties and what they notice about how they are similar and how they are different. They might look for 3D shapes in the real world.

The children could use 3D shapes to make models, discussing which shapes are easy to balance and stack and which are not and why this is the case.

Curriculum Notes

Suitable for teaching KS1 Maths, particularly shape - 2D and 3D shapes alongside position and movement/co-ordinates and maps.

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