Maths KS1: Titch and Ted's Geometry Summary (pt 6/6)

Learn all about shapes, directions and symmetry, in this quick-fire summary of parts one to five.

Follow Titch and Ted's story as they work at a stall on the beach and overcome their obstacles through learning and applying their knowledge of maths.

This clip is from the series Titch and Ted Do Maths.

Teacher Notes:

Use this to reflect on the learning in the previous five episodes about geometry.

Teachers might show this clip and pause it at relevant points, questioning the children about the key learning in each section.

They might explain how maths helped Titch to solve problems and what skills and knowledge Ted learnt.

The class could watch the clip with no sound and ask the children to say which maths skills Titch and Ted were using at each stage and what vocabulary they might be using.

Children could create a booklet of top tips, in drawings and symbols, which would help Titch and Ted to solve the problems.

Curriculum Notes

Suitable for teaching KS1 Maths, particularly shape, 2D and 3D shapes, position and movement as well as co-ordinates and maps.

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