Maths KS1: Titch and Ted Do Cubes and Pyramids (pt 4/6)

Titch and her uncle Ted are making sandcastles at the beach. Ted wants to tell Titch that he doesn't know anything about geometry but just as he begins she points out all the shapes they have learnt about at the beach.

Ted makes a cube-shaped sandcastle and Titch explains how many faces it has. Then Ted counts the edges of the cube.

Next, they count the faces of a pyramid-shaped sandcastle.

This clip is from the series Titch and Ted Do Maths.

Teacher Notes:

Children could make 3D shapes by interconnecting 2D shapes.

They might make shapes following a given example, written instructions or a given criteria – for example, it must have six faces or it must have eight edges.

Curriculum Notes

Suitable for teaching KS1 Maths, particularly shape - 2D and 3D shapes.

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