Maths KS1: Titch and Ted Learn About Halves (pt 2/6)

Titch and Ted are trying to earn some money by doing a few odd jobs. Mr Pie needs some shelves putting up and, although he does not exactly trust Titch and Ted, the work must be done before Miss Dotty comes to visit.

Titch has been learning about fractions and it is just as well, since the shelves Mr Pie wants must be cut from one pieces of wood and must be equal sizes – just the job for someone who knows how to measure and understands fractions.

Titch measures up the pieces of wood using her hands. It is 10 hands long. Then she halves 10 to work out that each shelf must be five hands long.

This clip is from the series Titch and Ted Do Maths.

Contains some scenes which could be imitated by younger viewers. Teacher review recommended prior to use in class.

Teacher Notes

Children could measure items in the classroom or playground using non-standard unit of measure then half the measurements.

You could create lengths of ribbon, string or paper for the children to measure and cut in half.

You might set up a problem where Mr Pie needs tables of equal length, ribbon to wrap up two bunches of flowers for Miss Dotty and ask the children what skills they will need to create two halves from a whole (length of wood or ribbon, for example).

Teachers could extend this by asking: ‘What if he needed four lengths of ribbon, what fraction would we be creating? How might we create four equal parts? How might we write this fraction?’.

Curriculum Notes

Suitable for teaching KS1 Maths, particularly fractions and decimals and problem solving skills.

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