Phones and computers

The superhero family discuss what they use the internet for, and the gadgets that get them online.

The Chinese superhero family are trying to foil an evil cyber-attack. The parents accuse their daughter of secretly using a phone and laptop when they have been confiscated. She argues by telling them all the useful things she can do online, such as homework, shopping, games and talking to her grandparents, and reminding them that they also use the internet to play games, sell things and get their news.

Teacher Notes

Key Stage 4: This clip could be used to practise introductions. Set comprehension questions for pupils to answer in class or at home to prepare for Listening exam. Pupils could recreate scenes in class/write a summary for homework. This clip could help to prepare pupils for controlled assessment (speaking). Identify grammatical structures that pupils should use in speaking and writing. Pupils could use the film to “get their ear in” just before the final Listening exam.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Mandarin to GCSE level in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, covering topics common to both the AQA and Edexcel exam boards. It is also relevant for Mandarin National 5 and Higher pupils in Scotland.