PSHE KS2: Lizard Girl

It's the half term holidays and Sam, ten, is bored; with only her pet chameleon for company. She has Asperger's Syndrome, which means she often finds it hard to make friends.

We see the world through her eyes - the facts that she finds fascinating and the difficulties she encounters with new experiences. Her world can be very confusing and she is often misunderstood.

Sam meets a boy called Callum who rides a skateboard and quickly becomes entranced by it. Her mum tells her she can't have a skateboard until Christmas so Sam decides to make one herself. She takes it to show Callum but his friends start to make fun of her and Sam leaves. Callum apologises by giving her his old skateboard and Sam begins to practice.

She returns to the skate park and impresses the boys with a skateboarding trick. The boys realise how wrong they have been and Callum does too. Callum and Sam become friends and Sam is no longer alone.

Contains some scenes which could be imitated by some younger viewers.

This clip is from the EBU Collection.

Teacher Notes

This clip could be used to pose questions in a circle time session to explore bullying, peer pressure, social courage, discrimination and understanding about Asperger's Syndrome.

At certain points the film could be stopped to allow for discussion. Try to ask questions from different perspectives: Sam's, Cameron's and Sam's family, including Little Fry and Mum.

How would you feel or react if you saw someone behave in the way Sam did?

Do you think Sam behaved the way she did for a reason?

What do you think it might be like being Sam's sibling, Little Fry?

How do you think Sam feels seeing other children playing?

Who do you think Sam wants to be friends with? Why? What makes you think that?

How do you think Callum feels in view of his friends' actions towards Sam?

In pairs or as a class come up with one thing they could do to be more thoughtful towards others.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant to teaching KS2 PSHE and Citizenship - Self Moral and Spiritual Development and KS2 PSHE and Citizenship - Relationships, Families.

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