PSHE KS2: Sibling rivalry

Akash and Arjun are two very different brothers: one enjoys doing homework and the other likes playing the electric guitar.

The older, guitar-loving brother gets rushed to hospital, very ill.

In the meantime, the younger brother enters an essay competition, the first prize for which is a trip to Rome - a city he has always wanted to see.

The family visit Arjun in hospital, but he is sullen and rude and throws Akash's essay under the bed.

The two wonder how they can be brothers when they are so different, but over time they become close and when Akash wins the competition, Arjun sells his guitar so his sibling can go.

This clip is from the series Life Stories.

Teacher Notes

Students could be asked to consider what the word rivalry means and give examples of this from the clip.

Ask students to describe any experiences they have of rivalry, and share their feelings in a circle time activity.

Students could also discuss how the two brothers in this clip succeeded in getting over their sibling rivalry and becoming friends.

In this clip the boys recognised that they each had a unique blend of abilities which they could use to help each other, and their differences could be beneficial.

Students could each be asked to describe one thing about a friend or sibling that is different from them, but that they like.

This clip is from the series Life Stories.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching Modern Studies and PSHE at Key Stage 2 in England and Northern Ireland, PSE at Key Stage 2 in Wales and Second Level in Scotland.

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