PSHE KS2: Friendship struggles

Megan and Jess are friends and enjoy spending time together.

At school they try out for the relay team: Jess is the faster runner but she slows down to let her friend win.

They are both selected for the school team and during the main race, Jess finally runs her fastest and beats Megan.

Jess becomes popular with her classmates, but worries that beating Megan means she will lose her as a friend.

Megan meanwhile is unsure about how to handle her friend’s popularity, as her mother is always pushing her to be the best.

This clip is from the series Life Stories.

Teacher Notes

Students could begin by considering what a true friend is and sharing what they value in a friend.

A large outline of a person could be drawn on a large piece of paper and students could fill this in with notes describing the qualities to make this the perfect friend.

Students could then consider why Jess let Megan win.

Was she being a true friend? What did the teacher mean when she said 'Do you think you'd be doing Megan a favour?'

Students could consider what they would do in this same situation.

They could also explore what they would do if they were Megan.

Students could role-play the end of the race and explore how each girl could have acted differently.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching Modern Studies and PSHE at Key Stage 2 in England and Northern Ireland, PSE at Key Stage 2 in Wales and Second Level in Scotland.

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