Our Family - Showing respect

Meet 7-year-old Eden and her younger sister, Ava. They show the importance of understanding boundaries and respect for other family members.

Showing respect

Meet 7-year-old Eden, her younger sister, Ava, and their parents. Eden talks about the meaning and importance of boundaries and respect for others and shows us how she and the members of her family respect each other.

The Notes below are taken from the full Teachers' Notes document.

Learning objective

To demonstrate the importance of respect, and how to show respect to other people.

Key questions

Before watching the video

  • What does ‘respect’ mean?
  • Why is it is important to show respect towards other people?
  • How do we show respect towards other people?

During / after the video

  • How does Eden show that she respects the people in her family?
  • How do they show Eden that they respect her?
  • How do Eden and Ava make sure things are fair for each other?
  • How do Eden and Ava show respect for their mummy when she is tired?
  • How do you think that makes their mummy feel?

After the video

  • What does Eden show us that respect means?
  • Which words do we use when we show someone respect?
  • How do we behave when we are showing respect?
  • How does it feel when someone respects your feelings?
  • How do you show respect to people in your family?
  • Who else should we show respect to?
  • How can you show respect to other people / people in school? (This could also link with sharing and making sure people feel included, as shown in the film).

Suggested activities

  • Establish all the things which show that someone is demonstrating respect to someone else (words and behaviours). Pick out key behaviours such as listening, looking at them, making positive comments about things they say, asking for things using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, asking for permission, sharing, etc...
  • Role play different scenarios to show someone in the same scenario being / not being respectful, and ask those watching how they can tell the difference.
  • Make a Respect wall, tree, flower or similar. Children can add to it by drawing or writing on ‘bricks’, ‘leaves’ or ‘petals’, etc things which they can do or have done to show respect to someone else, or that someone else has done to show respect towards them.
  • Draw pictures of all the people in the children’s networks and communities that they show respect to - eg family members, teachers, shop workers, nurses and doctors, bus drivers, one another, etc.

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