Our Family - Caring family networks

Meet 7-year-old Ivy. When Ivy's parents broke up her Dad moved out and Ivy stayed living with her mum and little brother, Freddie.

Caring family networks

Note: this video is about a child whose parents have split up.

When Ivy's parents broke up her Dad moved out and Ivy stayed living with her mum and her little brother, Freddie. Ivy introduces us to her network of care-givers and shares how her dad and grandparents help to look after her and Freddie even though they don't live together.

The Notes below are taken from the full Teachers' Notes document.

Learning objective

To show that there is a network of family members who love and care for you, beyond your own home.

Key questions

Before the video

  • Does everyone in a family always live together?
  • Are there people in a family who don’t live in someone’s home?
  • How do we know that these people are also part of someone’s family even if they don’t live with them?
  • Why might these people not live together in the same home?

During / after the video

  • How does Ivy’s mum show love and care for her and her brother?
  • Who is in Ivy’s family who doesn’t live in her home?
  • How do we know these people are part of Ivy’s family too?
  • How do these people show love and care for her and her brother?
  • What does Ivy do if she’s feeling worried or misses her mum when she is not at home / with the other people in her family? (You could use Ivy’s description of people being joined by 'invisible string' as part of the questioning about how families are linked).

After the video

  • How do you know that people in your family love and care for you / How do people in your family show you love and care?
  • Are there people in your family who don’t live with you in your home? (eg aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.)
  • Who are the people that you are joined to with 'invisible string'?
  • If you are feeling worried or sad, what helps you to feel better?

Suggested activities

  • Create a family display showing how different family members are joined together (eg using string to connect pictures, connecting pictures like a jigsaw).
  • Children create a trophy / medal / top trump card, etc, to celebrate a family member who cares for them but doesn’t live at home. The award could include words or sentences about the things that person does to show them love and care.
  • Discuss the scene in the video where Ivy packs some special things to take to her grandparent’s house. Ask children to create their own suitcases of special objects that they would take if they were going somewhere else. If appropriate, discuss feelings around these objects, and how the objects would help children with good feelings.
  • At the beginning of the video there is a shot of a heart with things on it that Ivy loves. Children could make something similar, listing family members or aspects of family life.

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