PSHE KS3/4: How to have clear skin

DJ Gemma Cairney meets Ravi and Will who suffer from acne.

To start we hear a collection of attitudes and opinions around acne followed by a medical definition of acne and dispelling of myths, eg people with acne need to wash more.

Ravi has explored a number of options and has found an over-the-counter topical cream works best. Will is undergoing private treatment that is more intensive and expensive.

Medical professionals contribute their thoughts and Gemma creates a thought provoking and interesting dialogue throughout.

Teacher Notes

Ask students to produce a presentation about acne.

Students should research the biological cause, statistics about acne and any possible treatments, offering advice that addresses both medical and emotional issues.

Curriculum Notes

Suitable for teaching PSHE at KS3/GCSE and 3rd Level /4th Level in Scotland.