How to draw a portrait

Artist Emma Majury demonstrates how to draw a self-portrait, looking at perspective, proportion, shadow, texture and different materials.

Using a mirror and a limited range of drawing materials, artist Emma Majury demonstrates the technique of drawing a self-portrait. She applies different drawing materials and techniques to create an image which is in proportion and enhances it with shades, tones and an awareness of how light and shadow affects the subject. She suggests ways children could develop their technique with other drawing projects.

Teacher Notes

The pupils could do a close observational drawing. Such as self-portraits using safe mirrors. Portraits to create a collaborative display, crowd scene or year group image. They could then make a greetings board or welcome display in entrance areas.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is suitable for teaching Art and Design at KS1 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Expressive Arts at Early and 1st Level in Scotland.