History KS2: Marriage and family in Ancient Egypt

Dr Joann Fletcher visits the village of Demi to try and understand more about the life of an ancient Egyptian architect called Kha, and his wife, Meryt.

Joann visits ‘The Great Pit’ to examine bits of pottery and stone with love poetry written by the ancient Egyptians.

She describes the ceremony ‘Bringing the Bundle’, which was a kind of marriage proposal. Joann then finds about Kha and Meryt's family from artefacts in their tomb and paintings on the wall of their chapel.

This clip is from BBC series: Ancient Egypt - Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings.

Teacher Notes

You could follow up the clip with various activities which include: Draw and look at family trees - draw Meryt's and their own family tree.

Look at the significance of the pots that were found and the designs on them. Use clay to make pots with a design on.

Look at the poetry - what poems do we enjoy today? How do we use poetic language? What different styles of poetry are there?

Look at the funeral masks - what did they represent? What other jewellery was there? What did the designs show? Design a funeral mask or jewellery with a design that best represents the child.

The Ancient Egyptians relaxed playing board games - look at how rules are written for board games, vocabulary used and formal style. Children can think about their favourite game and write rules or instruction on how to play it.

Write a diary entry as a member of the family about a typical day.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant to teaching History and Social Studies at KS2/Second level (Scotland).

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