History KS2: Daily life in Ancient Egypt

Joann looks at their mummies in the Turin museum to discover more about their clothes, food and furniture.

Joann then visits excavated homes in the village to explain what rooms the typical house would have and how they would have been used.

The clip shows how to make Egyptian bread and also the other fruits that would have been a main diet for them.

Joann then discovers the importance of the River Nile to the villagers and also the system they had for the toilet.

This clip is from BBC series: Ancient Egypt - Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings.

Teacher Notes

Task for the class could include:

Draw a plan of an Egyptian house. Label each room, write about which activity and objects you would find there. Compare with pictures of a modern house. Which one would you prefer to live in and why?

The class could discuss how the Ancient Egyptians didn’t use money. What did they do instead? Did the system work? Divide the class into two groups, one group to argue that we should get rid of money today, one to say why we should keep it.

Discuss use of persuasive language. Write up the argument using the persuasive vocabulary.

Look at the way the Egyptians dressed - compare this with fashion today. Draw and label Ancient Egyptian and a modern pop star.

Compare the daily diet of an Egyptian with ours. Children can record all the food they have eaten over two days on a table and compare it to an Egyptian's diet. Which is healthier? How could we eat more healthy?

Make a leaflet for the museum in Turin - look at features for leaflets. What exhibits would it have on the Egyptians? What vocabulary should be used? Design a poster or advert for the exhibition of everything that was found in the tomb.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching History and Social Studies at KS2 level/second level (Scotland).

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