History KS4 / GCSE: How did World War One affect the class system in Britain?

Jeremy Paxman challenges the stereotypical view that officers and generals were not as badly affected by the war, showing they were 5 times more likely to die than a soldier.

He looks at examples of families who were devastated by the impact of the war, with land being sold off to pay death duties and changing the amount of power in the hands of wealthy land owners.

Some of the poorest in society found life improved after the war, with an increase in employment opportunities leading to higher incomes and consequently better diets.

Infant mortality fell, life expectancy was rising, and some women were given the right to vote for the first time.

Teacher Notes

Key Stage 4/GCSE

Could be used in a lesson looking at social change after World War One.

Students could be asked to predict what they think the impact of the War would have been on working and upper-class families.

Then they could watch the clip and discuss if anything surprises them or if there is anything they disagree with.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching History at KS4/GCSE in England Wales and Northern Ireland.

Also at National 4/National 5 and Higher in Scotland.