History KS3: What was life like for young people in 1960s Britain?

This film looks at historical sources relating to the social, political and cultural changes in 1960s Britain.

Dr Sam Caslin from Liverpool University looks at how archive film and documents from the time can provide an insight into young people’s attitudes.

She considers eyewitness reports of Mods and Rocker skirmishes in Brighton, Pathe archive film of a demonstration against British and American involvement in Vietnam, and minutes of a meeting between government ministers and senior administrators at the London School of Economics.

She concludes that even among ordinary young people, there was a growing willingness to question and challenge the status quo.

This clip is from the series Hunting for History.

Teacher Notes

In this film, Dr Caslin shows how a historian uses sources, then checks on the sources and cross references them with other sources.

Students could be asked to carefully record the source types she uses and the inferences she makes from the sources.

From this they could be asked to write a short student guide to using sources for social history.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching KS3 History in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 4th level People, past events and societies in Scotland.