History KS3 / KS4: Suffragettes - Did the status of women change after World War One?

Kate Adie looks at the legacy of World War One on the women’s suffrage campaign.

Women were pressured into returning to the home and leaving the workplace.

However, the change in women’s roles during World War One meant they would not be satisfied with this.

Women from all backgrounds started to demand fairness and equality.

Teacher Notes

Key Stage 3

Could be used after studying the Suffragette campaign prior to World War One.

Before watching the clip students could decide whether or not the Suffragettes should have suspended their campaign or not.

Then after the clip they could debate whether the role of women in World War One helped with the campaign or merely delayed women getting the vote.

Key Stage 4/ GCSE/ Higher

Students could read other interpretations and sources about the role of women in World War One, then watch this clip.

They could write an argument about whether their role in the War helped in winning the vote or not.

They could use evidence from the clips and interpretations to support their arguments.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching History at KS3 and KS4/GCSE in England Wales and Northern Ireland.

Also at 3rd Level, 4th Level, National 4/National 5 and Higher in Scotland.