History KS3 / GCSE: ClueTubers - Exploring historical locations

A series of short films for secondary schools in which YouTubers Vee Kativhu and Adam Beales explore significant historical sites across the UK.

These short films are designed to enhance the teaching of the new historic environment element of GCSE History. They can be used as part of a thematic or depth study and can act as initial stimulus material to inspire curiosity and help students to refine and develop perceptive questions about their studies.

ClueTubers themes include:

  • Investigating the environment, encouraging students to make links, connections and pose questions
  • Prompting of discussion on methods of historical enquiry
  • Encouraging study skills including independence, self direction and regulation
  • Tracking changes, continuity, causes and consequences
  • Assessing the importance of a site as a source in its own right

Suitable for teaching KS3 and KS4/GCSE history in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 5 and Higher in Scotland.

Introducing ClueTubers - A guide for teachers
ClueTubers: At a military site
ClueTubers: In an urban environment
ClueTubers: Explore a castle
ClueTubers: In a manor house