History KS2: Women in Roman Britain

Bettany Hughes looks at the life of children in Roman Britain, discovering how tough life was for the British children and how their education was limited to hearing traditional stories and songs.

After the Roman invasion, some began to read and write in Latin, which Bettany demonstrates using a wax tablet and explains that even the Roman education was mainly for boys.

We see how the system was designed to prepare the boys for life in the army.

Bettany also explores some of the games children played such as Knucklebones and we see examples of toys like a gladius, or sword, and also a child's shoe.

This clip is from the series Roman Voices.

Teacher Notes

As a class the children could compare the life of a Roman child to their own. Would they like to be a Roman child?

They could then write a diary as a Roman child, describing what their life was like and the differences between the lives of boys and girls.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant to teaching History at KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Second level in Scotland.