History KS2: The Roman empire and its effect on Britain

Bettany Hughes explains why the Romans were keen to invade Britain and, by referring to a book written by Julius Caesar, introduces the Celts and how they looked and lived.

It shows how the Celts were fierce warriors and used chariots in their battles and why it took another 100 years before Claudius finally gained control.**

It describes how the empire expanded and the countries that it controlled. Bettany visits Rome to show where it all started and visits the forum and an amphitheatre and discusses how the gladiators were so popular that they were also brought over to Britain.

Bettany looks at how the Romans introduced under-floor heating which was called a hypocaust and the towns they built, like Cirencester, that still exist today.

This clip is from the series Roman Voices.

Teacher Notes

Children could write a diary as though they were Julius Caesar talking about the Celts, describing what they looked like, what he thought of them and what he thought of Britain.

Then they could write a diary as though they were a Celt explaining their feelings about the Roman invasion, what they thought of the Romans and the differences between them.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant to teaching History at KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Second level in Scotland.