History KS2: Soldiers in Roman Britain

Bettany Hughes explains the significance of Hadrian’s Wall.

The replica demonstrates the original size of Hadrian’s Wall, what it would have looked like and why it was built.

Bettany also explains who the legionnaires were and their important role in the invasion.

She visits the excavation of a fort at Vindolanda museum where she sees what the barracks would have looked like, how the Romans would have lived and even examines the toilets.

Curator, Justin Blake, shows some of the artefacts discovered, such as shoes, writing tablets and weapons.

They go on to examine letters written by the Roman soldiers that tell us what life was really like for them living there.

This clip is from the series Roman Voices.

Teacher Notes

Children could write a letter from a soldier to his family at home explaining what life was like in Britain, describing Hadrian's wall, what it was built for and what their day to day life was like.

They could also produce a leaflet examining the artefacts found at Vindolanda, including diagrams with labelling to explain what the items are.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant to teaching History at KS2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Second level in Scotland.