History KS1: The Great Fire of London

Three short animations exploring The Great Fire of London of 1666 - the causes of The Fire, what happened during The Fire and how the city was rebuilt afterwards.

1. Why did The Great Fire of London happen?
2. What happened during The Great Fire of London?
3. What happened after The Great Fire of London?

Our friendly presenter for these animations is a rat called Maureen. In each episode Maureen recounts the stories passed down through her family, from generation to generation.

Maureen's ancestors are all-seeing and all-hearing: they have access-all-areas passes to the dirtiest, darkest corners of history!

We’ll discover the causes of The Great Fire of London and the roles played by the Lord Mayor and King Charles II during The Fire. We'll encounter Samuel Pepys and learn how he documented The Fire in his famous diary. And we'll meet Christopher Wren, a key figure in the design and building of a new city.


Teacher's Notes
Daily news: what happened today?
Redesigning London: my city
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Consolidate pupils' learning about The Great Fire of London with these three catchy songs from our Music pages.

1. Here in Pudding Lane
2. Fire, fire, everywhere!
3. Let’s get building!

Additional songs about The Great Fire of London - including 'London's burning!' sung as a round.

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