Germany KS2: Shopping at the flea market

Charlie’s practising his German with his friend Lena in Berlin by talking to her online.

Lena can’t decide what to wear for a party – none of her clothes seem quite right.

Charlie suggests she tries the local flea market to buy something new.

She finds a punk wig that they both think is perfect, and they haggle with the stall holder to get the price down.

This short film focuses on vocabulary for trying on clothes, shopping and numbers up to 100 in German.

It is from the BBC series, Virtually There: Germany.

In this series of short fun films, a British boy practices German by talking to a group of children in Berlin via a tablet. Virtually There: Germany revises basic German vocabulary in a series of real-life settings, and using memorable songs.

Teacher Notes

This short film could be used to revise or introduce numbers up to 100.

Your pupils could practice reading prices in German, for example, 'zwei fünfzig'.

As a listening activity, you could dictate prices and ask your pupils to write them down.

Support pronunciation by highlighting ts z phoneme in 'zwei' and y: ü in 'fünfzig'.

It’s also useful to revise clothing vocabulary.

Pupils could role play buying clothes in a market, or have a fashion show where pupils describe their outfits in German.

It also provides curriculum links to maths, where pupils can be encouraged to convert pounds and pence to euros.

Curriculum Notes

This short film could be used for teaching German at KS2 or at a beginner level in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 2nd Level or beginner level in Scotland.

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