German KS2: Der die das song

A fun and lively song that explains that German nouns are either masculine, feminine or neuter gender.

The lyrics name different body parts and their correct definite article.

A group of children sing and dance to the song.

This short film introduces or revises the concept of gender of nouns in German, and vocabulary for parts of the body.

It is from the BBC series, Virtually There: Germany.

In this series of short fun films, a British boy practices German by talking to a group of children in Berlin via a tablet. Virtually There: Germany revises basic German vocabulary in a series of real-life settings, and using memorable songs.

Teacher Notes

This could be used alongside games like Simon Says ('Simon Sagt') to practise parts of the body.

You could have a discussion about gender with your pupils, and share strategies for remembering if nouns take the articles 'der', 'die' or 'das'.

As a listening activity, teachers could ask pupils to listen out for the correct definite article 'der', 'die' or 'das'.

They have three cards for 'der', 'die', 'das'.

Every time they hear a masculine/feminine/neuter part of the body in the song, they hold up the correct card.

Teachers can label the faces of a large foam dice with 'der', 'die', 'das'.

Pupils can roll the dice - if it lands on 'der' ask for a masculine part of the body, for example, 'der Arm'.

Support pronunciation by practicing z s phoneme in 'Nase'.

Curriculum Notes

This short film could be used for teaching German at KS2 or at a beginner level in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 2nd Level or beginner level in Scotland.

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