German KS2 / KS3: Gesund leben

A young, German blogger explains how to prepare some a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner that isn’t time consuming.

Explaining that she always eats in a hurry, first she shows how she makes her muesli with fresh strawberries and natural yogurt.

Secondly, she demonstrates how to make healthy spring rolls with a peanut dip, which she makes often for her friends.

Finally, she gives some more tips to sustain a healthy diet including drinking lots of water, getting lots of sleep and eating less sugar.

This clip is from the series German Grammar.

Teacher Notes

This could be used as an introduction to basic kitchen and cooking vocabulary and the idea of following a simple recipe.

Under supervision students could make either of the dishes using the instructions in the clip.

It could be used as an introduction to adverbs.

Students could be asked to identify adverbs in English and note some of the common word endings and compare them to how adverbs work in German.

Additionally they could be prompted to discuss healthy eating.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is suitable for teaching German at Key Stage 2 and 3, or Third Level, 4th Level, National 5 and Higher.

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