Geography KS3: Climate

A short animated film for secondary schools describing the factors that determine the climate of a country and the five main climate zones of the world.

It also considers climate change and how it will present significant challenges for human, animal and plant life.

This short film supports the following requirement of the Key Stage 3 national curriculum in geography:

  • to develop and understanding of: physical geography relating to: geological timescales and plate tectonics; rocks, weathering and soils; weather and climate, including the change in climate from the Ice Age to the present; and glaciation, hydrology and coasts

Teacher Notes

This short film is an ideal tool to help students understand both the nature and distribution of climate across the Earth, but also the nature of climate change and how this will impact on their lives.

It can be used to discuss the challenges of life in each climate zone and how humans, animals and plants adapt to it.

It can also be used to illustrate the distribution of climate zones across the world and allow students to develop an understanding of how these are changing and why.

Students could carry out research and investigations to determine the factors that cause the rate of climate change to increase.

Points for discussion:

  • What is weather?

  • What is climate?

  • Describe the different climate zones around the world.

  • How are climate zones changing?

  • What is causing climate zones to change?

  • How can humans reduce the impact of climate change in each zone?

Suggested activities:

After watching this short film, students could explore the impact of climate change on the different climate zones around the world.

They could investigate why we have varying climate zones and which natural processes have led to their creation.

Students could then explore how human activity has impacted on climate zones and what might happen if climate change continues at current rates.

Curriculum Notes

This short film is relevant for teaching geography at KS3 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 3rd and 4th Level in Scotland.

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