Geography KS3 / GCSE: The impacts of the 2014 floods on Somerset

Liz Bonnin introduces the 2014 floods in Somerset - the worst floods for over 100 years.

The causes are introduced (high rainfall and a lack of dredging) before Matt Baker and Tom Heep revisit the location one year on from the floods.

In Burrowbridge, they revisit a farmer who had their land ruined by the floods.

The farmer explains how he lost a huge amount of income from the floods, but his land is beginning to recover.

Other businesses have had to rebuild and invest huge amounts of money.

Since the flooding, dredging of the river has taken place and the locals interviewed are happy about this.

Tom discusses the other changes that have taken place - to try and stop flooding.

This short film is from the BBC series, Physical Geography with Liz Bonnin.

Teacher Notes

Key Stage 3

This clip could be used to introduce students to the impacts of flooding and the economic significance floods can have for local businesses.

It could be used to show students what has been done in the area since - showing river management and how it can be used.

Key Stage 4

This clip could form part of a case study on the Somerset floods of 2014.

It provides students with details and information about impacts to local people and about river management.

This clip would form a good case study about actions that have been undertaken since to try and ensure the same level of flooding does not happen again.

Curriculum Notes

This topic appears in geography at KS3 and KS4 / GCSE in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 4/5 in Scotland.

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