Geography KS2 & KS3: Expedition to Guyana - planning an expedition

Four hundred years ago, Elizabethan explorer Sir Walter Raleigh crossed the Atlantic Ocean in search of a place called El Dorado.

It was a massive expedition and took many months to complete.

Raleigh took over 70 men with him and needed to plan the trip carefully, including what to take with him.

Four centuries later and it has taken almost a year for expedition leader Ben Major to plan an expedition for the Serious Explorers, so that they can follow in Raleigh's footsteps.

Ben talks about the research that is necessary prior to planning and the flexible nature of plans in order to respond to whatever happens.

The Serious Explorers learn about what they should wear, how to pack rucksacks and what they should carry at all times in their safety belt kits.

This clip is from the series Seriously Raleigh.

Teacher Notes

Before watching the clip, children could locate where El Dorado is, using globes and atlases.

Based on where it is located, children could be challenged to predict what the landscape and climatic conditions might be like.

Children could also research about Sir Walter Raleigh, and begin to think about the challenges he may have faced when leading the expedition.

After watching the clip, children could then think about the challenges that the modern day explorers faced.

They could identify if they were the same or different from the ones faced by Sir Walter Raleigh.

The children could be given an area from the world which they are going to lead an expedition to.

In groups, they could research all about the area, including climates and landscapes.

They could then decide where they will travel to, how they will get there, what they would like to see and do, what they will do for food and the equipment they would need to take.

This could be written up as a booklet or presented to the class as a presentation.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is suitable for teaching Geography at KS2 and KS3 Level in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and at 2nd and 3rd Level in Scotland.

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