Geography KS1 / KS2: Living in opposite climates - North of England and North Australia

A lively exploration of two children’s lives on opposite sides of the world.

Talia, 9, from Mossley, Greater Manchester tells us what it’s like to live in a town that experiences all weather types but where the weather is generally quite mild.

She explains that what she likes to do depends on what it’s like outside: playing the piano when it rains and having snowball fights when it snows.

In contrast, Khynaan, 9, from Townsville, Australia, goes to the beach on Christmas day and wears sunscreen all year round.

During cyclone season, his family takes various precautions, taping up the windows and staying inside.

Talia’s family also have to take weather related precautions, using pots and pan to catch the water coming through a leaky roof.

As well as the weather, we learn what it’s like to live in a hilly area, their aspirations, their hobbies, the food that they eat, the wildlife they encounter and why, for very different reasons, they both want to stay living in the same place when they’re older.

Together they illustrate the cultural and geographical differences and similarities of these two distinct places.

This is from the series: Your World

Teacher Notes

This could be used to ask pupils to compare the similarities and differences between each environment and to list the ways in which weather impacts people’s livelihood in the UK and then in Australia.

Pupils could be asked to name the different geographical features in Townsville in Australia and Mossley in Greater Manchester. Do they see hills, rocks, beach, sea – how is the environment similar or different to their own?

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Geography at KS1 and KS2 in England and Wales, Early and 1st level and 2nd Level in Scotland and Foundation and KS1 in Northern Ireland.

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