Geography KS1 / KS2: Living next to rivers - Belfast and Pune

Like many big cities, Pune and Belfast have rivers running straight through the middle of them.

In the past both cities have relied on the industry these rivers created and to varying degrees still do today.

Robin, 10, from Belfast and Uma, 9, from Pune explore how living by the river influences their lives and talk about the activity in the river, such as washing, sailing and wildlife.

They also express their concerns about the amount of litter in the rivers and how polluted they’ve become.

Robin and Uma tell us about their lives day-to-day: how they get to school, where they go to buy food, what they have for breakfast and what they want to do when they’re older.

Together they illustrate the cultural and geographical differences and similarities of these two distinct places.

This is from the series: Your World

Teacher Notes

Pupils could make lists of similarities and differences between Pune and Belfast.

What are the different geographical features they see in the clip?

Pupils could list the different things that happen in rivers e.g. fishing, washing, sailing etc.

What activities do they see in rivers close to them? What wildlife have they seen there? Why is it important to keep our rivers clean?

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Geography at KS1 and KS2 in England and Wales, Early and 1st level and 2nd Level in Scotland and Foundation and KS1 in Northern Ireland.

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