Geography KS1 / KS2: Two children’s lives in Cardiff and Port Moresby

Judah, 10, from Cardiff and Reenie, 9, from Port Moresby tell us about their lives in these two coastal capitals.

Both describe how they enjoy the balance of the two environments, the city and the sea, and how they make the most of the two settings so close to them.

We learn how they each incorporate the waterfront in their daily or weekly routine, to swim, eat ice cream, walk the dog, play and hunt fossils.

Judah and Reenie illustrate a fondness and a strong sense of identity within capital cities of small but proud nations that are situated within the enclave of larger, more famous nations.

Judah attends a Welsh-speaking school. Reenie sings the national anthem every morning with her classmates.

They talk about the challenge of speaking multiple languages and switching between languages.

Together these two children's lives illustrate the cultural and geographical similarities and differences of two distinct places.

This is from the series: Your World

Teacher Notes

Pupils could make lists of the similarities and differences between Port Moresby and Cardiff.

How are the beaches different in the two places? What is the climate like?

Pupils could look at the world's oceans, locating each city on the map and naming the nearby bodies of water.

Pupils could be asked to map out a boat route from Cardiff to Port Moresby, and ask which oceans they cross on the way.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Geography at KS1 and KS2 in England and Wales, Early and 1st level and 2nd Level in Scotland and Foundation and KS1 in Northern Ireland.

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