Geography KS1/KS2: The seasons

In this short animated film, we journey through the four seasons found in the United Kingdom: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

It looks at how the seasons impact on animal and plant life, and investigates how agriculture and food production relate to the seasons.

Teacher Notes

This short film supports pupils in learning about the four seasons of the year, about weather and climate in each season and how this impacts on animal and plant life.

It can also be used to prompt pupils to think about agriculture and food production and how these are affected by the seasons.

Teachers can use this film to demonstrate the pattern of the seasons throughout the year, and to get pupils to discuss how the seasons transition from one to another.

Points for discussion:
· What is a season?
· What makes up the weather and climate of a particular season?
· What are the main jobs for farmers during each season?
· What is hibernation?
· How would life change if the seasons changed?
· What is your favourite season, and why?

Suggested activities:
After watching the film, you could ask pupils make drawings of the seasons. The drawings could explore the key colours and features of each season, as well as what happens during each season.

Pupils could discuss how their lives change according to the seasons, and then think about how farmers' lives change with the seasons.

Pupils could be asked to think about climate change and how our lives might change if the seasons changed. They could also think about how this might impact on agriculture and food supply.

Curriculum Notes

Suitable for teaching geography at KS1 and KS2 in England and Wales, Early and 1st and 2nd level in Scotland and Foundation and KS1 in Northern Ireland.

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