Geography KS1/KS2: Climate

This video introduces pupils to the concept of climate.

It helps them to understand the difference between climate and weather, and looks at the different climate zones around the world.

The video has been developed to give pupils an understanding of the distribution of climate zones across the world. It could also provide a starting point for discussion about how climate change might affect these zones in the future and the impact this would have on humans, animals and plants.

Teacher Notes

This video is a useful tool to introduce the difference between climate and weather, and the different climate zones across the world.

As they watch the video, pupils could discuss what they think living in these different climate zones is like and how they would have to adapt to living there.

They could also consider the positive and negative aspects of living in these different climate zones for humans, animals and plants.

Points for discussion:
· What is weather?
· What is climate?
· How is our climate changing?
· Which is the ideal climate for humans to live in?
· What challenges does climate change pose for the future of these climate zones?

Suggested activities:
After watching the video, pupils could to investigate the different climate zones in more detail.

They could find out who lives there and what their lives are like; what animal and plant life there is; and how they have changed over time.

Pupils could then explore climate change and the challenges it poses in the different climate zones for the future of human, animal and plant life.

They could discuss how we can take small steps to make positive changes to mitigate climate change.

Curriculum Notes

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2 in England and Wales, Early and 1st and 2nd level in Scotland and Foundation and KS1 in Northern Ireland.

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