French KS2: How to introduce yourself

Ben links up online with children in France and practises French greetings before they take him on a virtual tour of their neighbourhood. A clip from a series teaching the basics of French.

Ben is learning French at school. He links up online with children in Marseille to practise and improve his French. His new friends introduce themselves; they are Lili, Thibaud, Ingrid and Ulysse. Ben introduces himself in French and learns that there is a range of greetings used in France. His new friends use Salut, Bon matin, Bonjour, Ça va bien? Ben is then taken on a virtual mini-tour of their neighbourhood in the city of Marseille.

Teacher Notes

This clip could be used to support learning of French greetings in class. Ask students to answer the register with Bonjour Monsieur/Madame. You could also compare the conventions of greetings in different countries; how do children greet each other in France and how is this different in the UK?

As a role-play activity ask pupils to imagine they are linking up online with a group of French children to practise greetings and introductions. Another role-play activity could be buying an ice cream at le glacier. Support pronunciation by highlighting the rising intonation used in questions, for example, Oùhabites-tu?, Ça va bien?

Make a classroom display of greetings by asking pupils to draw a portrait of themselves. They can then add a speech bubble with a greetings word or phrase written from memory.

Curriculum Notes

These clips could be used for teaching French at KS2 in England, Foundation KS1,KS2 in Northern Ireland, KS2 and KS3 in Wales and 2nd Level in Scotland.