French KS2: Following directions

Ben is keen to improve his French and links up online with Lili and Thibaud in Marseille.

He joins them as they try to find their way to a café where their friend Ulysse is playing in a band.

The problem is that they are uncertain of how to get there. Thibaud is sure of the way and gives directions, but they soon find that his route does not lead them to the café.

The pressure is on, they are already late for the concert.

They eventually ask a passer-by for help. Following the new directions they eventually arrive at the café, but a disappointment is in store for Ben.

They are not allowed to take any form of camera into the concert, so Ben is ‘switched off’ and unable to see the concert.

This clip is from the series Virtually There: France.

Teacher Notes

Practise directions by asking pupils to turn à gauche, à droite.

Invite a volunteer to act as a ‘robot’ to respond to class directions, for example: one step to the right.

Display a simple map on the interactive whiteboard and ask children to give directions on how to get from A to B.

Role-play asking for directions. One pupil takes on the role of a passer-by and other pupils imagine they are lost in a town.

Curriculum Notes

These clips could be used for teaching French at KS2 in England, Foundation KS1,KS2 in Northern Ireland, KS2 and KS3 in Wales and 2nd Level in Scotland.

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