PSHE KS2: Dealing with a family breakdown

Drama exploring a girl's feelings about the breakdown of her family.

We see a girl and her mother going to the Christmas market.

The girl is upset her father isn't coming to their house the next day.

She then bumps into a school friend.

They end up talking about the big wheel.

The boy's parents wonder where he is and he goes to find them but the girl wants him to play and chases him.

We see the girl's mum looking for her.

We see the boy hugging his mum and dad. The girl looks sadly on.

She remembers back to being on the big wheel with her dad.

We end with the girl looking lost.

She then tries to search for her mother through the city and ends up at the big wheel.

She charges her broken mobile phone and calls her mum. They are reunited.

This clip is from the series Life Stories.

Teacher Notes

Teachers may wish to use this clip to open discussion about family breakdowns and feeling associated with this.

In addition, this clip provides a stimulus for writing as it poses many questions to the viewer.

Questions are also posed by this clip about loss which would form a useful start point for circle time activities.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching Modern Studies and PSHE at Key Stage 2 in England and Northern Ireland, PSE at Key Stage 2 in Wales and Second Level in Scotland.

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