History KS1 / KS2: F is for Food

Newsreel and commentary illustrate the working of the field kitchens that supplied the British trenches in World War One.

The impact of food shortages and rationing is considered.

A dramatic monologue introduces Private Arthur Biggs, a company cook, who shows us his field kitchen and describes his daily duties.

The men grumble about the food but are grateful for it, all the same.

This clip is from the series WW1 A to Z.

Teacher Notes

Key Stage 1

Pupils could help to prepare a stew using a selection of root vegetables.

Alternatively, they could mime all the jobs Private Arthur Biggs would need to do to make a hot meal for the troops in the trenches.

What obstacles or hazards might he face?

Key Stage 2

Pupils could find out more about the diet in the trenches, from books and websites.

They could try a recipe from the war years, or weigh out items of a soldier’s daily ration.

They could improvise a scene in which soldiers complain about the meal they receive, with increasingly unflattering descriptions of its contents.

Curriculum Notes

This clip is relevant for teaching History at primary school ages for Key Stages 1 and 2, or First and Second Level.

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