Imtiaz Dharker performs The Right Word

Imtiaz Dharker performs and describes her poem The Right Word. She describes how the poem is inspired by different representations of the same event, and how simply using different words and language can drastically change our perceptions of an event or person - in this case, a gunman hiding in the shadows outside a house, and whether he is a terrorist, a freedom fighter, a killer or a lost child.

Teacher Notes

Pupils could create a chart of themes they think the poem covers, and how Imtiaz’ use of language and pace supports or enables this. As a vocal exercise, pupils could look at whether the meaning of the poem changes from being read on the page to being read aloud. Does anything else jump out at them which they hadn't previously noticed?

Curriculum Notes

This topic is relevant for teaching English Literature at KS4 & GCSE/National 4 & 5.