English Literature KS4 / GCSE: Imtiaz Dharker performs Honour Killing

Imtiaz Dharker performs and describes her poem Honour Killing.

She describes how the poem was inspired by the case of a young woman in Pakistan, killed by her family for wanting a divorce.

She talks about how she emotionally turned away from her homeland as a result of her government's response to the murder.

This clip is from the series Contains Strong Language.

Teacher Notes

Pupils could create a chart of themes they think the poem covers, and how Imtiaz’ use of language and pace supports or enables this.

As a vocal exercise, pupils could look at whether the meaning of the poem changes from being read on the page to being read aloud.

Does anything else jump out at them which they hadn't previously noticed?

Curriculum Notes

This topic is relevant for teaching English Literature at KS4 & GCSE/National 4 & 5.

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