English Literature GCSE: William Wordsworth - The Prelude

Hip-hop star Akala visits the Lake District to discuss with poet Helen Mort how the dramatic landscape inspired parts of Wordsworth’s poem ‘The Prelude’.

They examine the Boat Stealing episode in detail, and explore Wordsworth’s attitudes to the awe-inspiring power of nature.

A group of young poets give their thoughts on Wordsworth's use of language and imagery.

This clip is from the series Between the Lines: The Romantics.

Teacher Notes

Discuss the poem’s content, ideas, language and structure. What emotions are evoked?

Pupils could look into context, compare alternative interpretations and explore Wordsworth's world, and the influences behind his poem/poetry.

Curriculum Notes

Romantic poetry is a key requirement on the new English Literature GCSE syllabus being taught from 2015 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.