English Language / Media Studies KS3: How to write a radio news report

Tina Daheley explains how metaphor, personification and dynamic verbs can bring a news story to life.

She explores the impact of music, sound bytes and voice on a radio audience.

She also highlights how language is used for specific audiences.

The conversational and direct language used on Radio 1’s Newsbeat is examined and compared with the same news story treatment on Radio 4.

The language of the two newsreaders is compared to demonstrate how audience is appealed to.

The clip will support students in their understanding of purpose and audience as well as helping them to write to inform and explain.

This clip is from the series Making the News.

Teacher Notes

You could give students a lead story from a print newspaper and ask them to adapt the story for a Radio 1 Newsbeat audience, thinking about how they would adapt language.

Listen to a Radio 4 news bulletin and ask students to choose one story to rewrite for a younger audience.

They could write a script and record their radio news item.

Listen to a Radio 1 Newsround bulletin and ask students to note down examples of informal and conversational language used by the reporter.

Curriculum Notes

This series is relevant for teaching English and Media Studies at Key Stage 3 in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and at Level 3 in Scotland.